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As passionate as we are about photography, design, and our tools of the trade, keeping up with this fast changing field requires lots of hard work and investment. Public common sense, and also the FTC—United States Federal Trade Commission—require that any site with commercial relations must disclose it to their readers. Laws aside, every media vehicle should do it, anyway.

For the sake of transparency, we'd like to take a moment to disclose that Cameratico employs sponsored affiliate links in order to help pay the costs of running our website. Purchases made through these links generate revenue for Cameratico, without any increase in price for our users. We do this as a way to maintain the website’s operation, pay for our work and, ultimately, keep ourselves editorially independent and free. We’ll keep this page updated with a list of all merchants with whom we’re affiliated.

In case you're wondering: All commercial relations are secondary to our reader’s interest. No, we will never give a product a glowing review for money or any other compensation. We’ll recommend only products we know, use, and trust. If a product is rubbish, we’ll say it openly. Products on loan for review will always be returned to their manufacturers. We don’t accept freebies. If we like a product we may buy it with our own money. We will never accept paid posts or paid endorsements.

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