Wacom Intuos 2018 review

A pen tablet is one of the most important tools in a digital artist’s toolkit. It allows you to interact with the computer by using a pressure sensitive pen on a much more precise and natural way than with a mouse or trackpad.

How to choose the best Wacom tablet for your needs

Pen tablets, also known as digitizing tablets or graphic tablets, are input devices that can be used to substitute or complement a mouse. They’re very popular in the graphic arts field and are considered by some as an indispensable aid for any creative professional.

Datacolor Spyder 5 review

The new Datacolor Spyder5 colorimeter is a small USB device that can precisely measure the color response of your LCD screen. By comparing the actual displayed response of known color values, it can create a color profile that is used by the operating system and any color managed application to show correct colors. This process transforms your LCD from an unknown variable into a standard reference and can greatly improve your screen’s image quality by improving tonal response and shadow detail.

Nikon D810 tips and tricks

The Nikon D810 is highly customizable and versatile camera that can be fine-tuned to fit your needs, shooting style and the scene or situation. This article presents some of the top tips and tricks for setting up and photographing with this powerful dSLR.

Web browser color management guide

In an ideal world, every camera, screen, and printer would display color in the same way. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works in practice.

Nikon D7100 tips and tricks

Learn how to take control of your new Nikon D7100 and set it up to capture great images.

Wacom Intuos5 review

You may be missing a lot on productivity and ergonomic comfort if you never used a pen tablet. And if you plan on buying a pen tablet that will last for the next 10 years, the Wacom Intuos5 is the model to get. Read on for our full review.

Wacom pen tablet setup tutorial and tips

It pays to invest some time learning how to use each of the tablet’s functions and customizing its behavior to your applications. Check out this guide for step-by-step instructions on how to setup your Wacom pen tablet and get the most of it.

GGS glass camera screen protector review

Glass screen protectors are inexpensive (around US$ 15), offer better protection and image quality than plastic ones. If you're using a camera without any LCD cover, don't think twice: buy one.

Google Chrome color management

Google Chrome is not a color managed browser, but there is hope: Chrome 16, currently in Beta, is the first version that supports ICC profiles on the Mac platform.

Simple off-site backup for photography

Hard drives fail. It’s not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN. Learn how to develop a bulletproof backup plan and be prepared for this moment.

Black and white ICC profiles and soft proofing

Inkjet printing has advanced enormously in the past 15 years. From the expensive Iris giclée printers to our current pigment ink models, all this progress not only improves the maximum reproduction quality attainable on this medium, but also makes it easier to get excellent results without much tinkering.

Which is the most linear Epson ABW mode?

With this question in mind, I printed a set of targets using each of the available Epson Advanced Black and White driver modes: Light, Normal, Dark, Darker (default) and Darkest. After letting the prints rest for some hours, so the color stabilizes, I measured the results using a Datacolor Spyder3Print Spectrocolorimeter.

How to configure Firefox color management

Firefox is a fully color managed browser, but unfortunately that capability is enabled by default only for images tagged with ICC color profiles.

Lens distortion correction on post-processing

Lens distortion is a technical aspect often overlooked by photographers. Strong lens distortion can ruin a good picture, especially when photographing people or architecture.