About Us

Deciding which camera to buy has always been a frustrating experience. Either you read dozens of reviews and become an expert on the field, or you trust websites that simply compare specifications, which are often misguided or meaningless for the kind of use you'll do with the equipment. This motivated us to try and find a simpler and more precise way to match the best camera to each user needs.

How Cameratico works

We trust human opinion and real world experience more than cold numbers.

Cameratico does the buyer's homework and translates it into an objective and humanized recommendation. We combine our own hands-on experience with in-depth product research, cross referencing each camera with its competitors, assessing reviews and image samples from the most reputable photography websites.

This comprehensive meta evaluation is fed into an algorithm we call CameraIndex. This is the logic that makes it possible to filter our results based on price point, brand, product profile and even to custom tailor the recommendations to each user needs.

Twelve is not always better than ten:
numbers don't give you the complete picture about a camera.

Choosing the best product goes beyond simply comparing technical specs. Specifications earn points on this calculation, but only for a small part of it. For example, a 16 megapixel camera might have much better image quality than a 24 megapixel one.

Based on the selected criteria, each product is assigned a score from 0 to 99. All cameras are compared to each other within the results and the scores vary dynamically depending on the selection. Each rating is relative to the top score for that particular criteria. For example, an entry level camera may score only 65 for image quality when compared to the top rated models costing ten times as much, but may come up as the top rated product, with a 99 score, if the search is restricted to similarly priced models.

There’s no such thing as the best equipment,
but only the most adequate for a particular task or user requirements.

It is possible to personalize the results by taking a quick quiz. This overrides our editorial bias and sorts the products based on what is important for your own needs. If a particular characteristic is very important for you, we exclude from the results cameras that aren't highly rated for it. Cameratico can even suggest an optimum budget based on your experience level and camera category selections.

Find out the best moment to buy.

Cameratico also keeps track of products prices and fluctuations in the market, allowing us to predict future price tendencies and to inform the buyers the best moment to buy. We currently track prices only for selected USA stores, but this will be expanded in the future with more merchants and other countries.

We are transparent, unbiased and free of commercial interests.

If a product is not good, we'll say it openly. Cameratico accepts no advertisements or sponsored listings. All the revenue necessary to develop and maintain our website comes from affiliate links to high quality merchants, which are always displayed based on the best price. If you buy a camera from one of those links, we make a small commission without any increase in the price you pay.

We love feedback.

Feel free to contact us at rqvgbe@pnzrengvpb.pbz to report bugs, give feedback or chat about the best photo locations near Brasília, Brazil.